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Original MEMBERS

"Bigg Mike"
Alfred Frutell

Bullock - "Voo Doo"
David Lane - "Stump"
"Go Go"
Lawrence Moore - "LE"
Rick Fuller - "Pa Pa Smurf "
Tyrone Green

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  The Beginning
In the spring of 1981 eleven guys who enjoyed riding motorcycles got together to form a motorcycle club. The motorcycle of choice was the AMF Harley. This group of brothers would get together in the alley on 19th Street N.E. before they became a club. The first club meeting was held at the home of Michael (Big Mike) McNeill. Big Mike was the club’s First President. The first clubhouse was located on Martin Luther King Avenue. The original name of the club was UNIT 10.

Holding it "down" for 30 years and counting ...

  the legend

As legend has it, the club first got an idea for a road name for the club from a local wino who often saw UNIT 10 club members working on their bikes in the alley. He is quoted as saying, ”You guys are always in the dirt working on those motorcycles.” Bird Man, one of the original members is credited with giving the club the name of Down-N-Dirty.


The symbols for the club are the Viking, the Shield and the Wrench. The Viking symbolizes the warrior spirit of every club member. The Wrench symbolizes the work put in to keep the bikes road worthy. The blood on the wrench symbolizes two things; the blood shed defending our brothers and the blood spilled while working on our bikes.


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Arthur Miles is one of the Orlando Chapter Member

of  " Down N  Dirty MC member Saves Lives  in Daytona, FL"

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